Polyguard supplies a range of equipment, consumables, solvents, chemicals, primers and pigments to support the polyurea membrane and foam applicator:

Our equipment range for two part polyurea membranes and foams include:

  • High pressure plural component spray equipment
  • Low pressure plural component spray equipment
  • Low pressure plural component pour equipment (ideal for joint fill membranes)
  • Hoses - heated and standard
  • Dispensing guns for high pressure equipment
  • Dispensing guns with static mixer for low pressure equipment

Fast cure two part polyurea chemical range:

All products in the range require specialised plural component equipment for application.

  • PC9 membrane - our versatile membrane that is applied using low pressure equipment in applications from ute trays to water features
  • PU95 membrane - our two part polyurea membrane for chemically resistant or extra high wearing applications that is applied using high pressure heated equipment
  • PW9 membrane - certified potable water membrane
  • A9C membrane - our colourfast aliphatic membrane that does not change colour even if exposed to UV

Joint repair membranes - two part polyurethanes:

  • JF88 polyurea joint fill membrane - applied using low pressure pour equipment and is ideal for concrete joint repairs
  • JF88E Expansion joint fill membrane - our proven solution for joints where there is a lot of movement.
  • C65D two part concrete repair system that can be mixed in a cup and poured onto concrete cracks and spalls for a simple fast repair.

Two part foams:

Our two part foams can be either spray applied on walls, ceilings, roofs and outside of tanks or poured into containers, moulds and cavities. 

Dependent on the insulation requirements of the project varying foam densities, rise and gel times are available. The foams also offer excellent sound dampening properties. Specialised plural component equipment is required for applicaitons.


  • Static mixing tubes for low pressure dispensing in both spray and pour applications. Various sizes available.
  • WireTrim - masking tape that is used to cut a neat edge along a polyurea membrane after application - TrueLine, RedLine, ProLine, Fibreline
  • WrapCut - vinyl edge cutting tape

Primers and Pigments:

  • C7 Primer
  • PG1165 Primer
  • PR25 Primer
  • EP15 Primer
  • Pigments available in various coloures


  • PolyBreak - Formulated to clean processing equipment, usually by submersing components and allowing time to break down the cured polyurethane. Can also be used to clean newly overspray cured polyurethane.
  • PolyFlush - specially formulated to flush processing equipment, such as static mixing tubes and gun spray chambers directly after shutting down the spray process. It is also is used in the solvent storage tanks situated on most processing equipment.
  • ISOFlush - used to clean ISO from spray lines, machinery and components.
  • PolyLube - Used to condition the ISO side of polyurethane processing equipment such as pumps, seals, lines, valves and spray gun.

Rubber and Aggregates:

  • Rubber Chip, Granules and Aggregates that can be introduced into the final layer of a polyurea application to provide a rougher surface and reduce slip.
  • Rubber chip, Binder or Underlay all ideal for use under polyurea coatings where a cushioned surface may be required. Such as horse trailers, cattle trucks, stables and other animal enclosures. 

Top Coat Polyaspartic Floor Coating:

Our polyaspartic floor coating system is a simple application system that does not require specialised equipment. It can be applied straight over concrete surfaces or as a decorative top coat over a polyurea protective coating. AF5 is a complete system and includes:

  • Two part chemicals for base or top coats
  • Pigments - colour chart available
  • Quartz - for a rougher surface to improve anti-slip properties
  • Paint chip for a decorative coloures and textured finish




We are suppliers of
WireTrim and WrapCut in Australia

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Wire Trim Suppliers in Australia


PolyGuard membranes can be applied to various surfaces, locking out atmospheric conditions between the Polyurethane Lining & the surface:-


 Wood  Fibreglass
 Steel Aluminium
 Concrete  Stainless Steel
 Foam  Checker Plate
 Fibreglass  Cardboard
Styrene  Gal Plate
Gyprock Glass
 Fabric Geofabric
The uses are endless...


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