For trimming most applications of 
Polyurethane Elastomeric Membranes 
"The Quick, Simple, Neat and Professional Edge Cutting Solution " 

Wire Trim Edge Cutting Tape in Australia

In the past, most polyurethane applicators used knives to trim the edges of the applied coating but no matter how good you were, it wasn't a process that you'd show to your customer.

"WireTrim® Edge Cutting Tape™" has become an essential product in the industry.

The patented finishing system has been developed to match just about any edge trimming application you'll run up against.
WireTrim® offers excellent cutting strength.

The high quality adhesive allows easy removal with no residue. Available with wire or fibre cutting filaments.

Conforms well to compound curves and tight corners.

WireTrim® double-sided paper cutting tape offers excellent body and feel and withstands the rigors of prep work making it the solid choice for the professional applicator.

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We are suppliers of
WireTrim and WrapCut in Australia

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Wire Trim Suppliers in Australia


PolyGuard membranes can be applied to various surfaces, locking out atmospheric conditions between the Polyurethane Lining & the surface:-


 Wood  Fibreglass
 Steel Aluminium
 Concrete  Stainless Steel
 Foam  Checker Plate
 Fibreglass  Cardboard
Styrene  Gal Plate
Gyprock Glass
 Fabric Geofabric
The uses are endless...


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