Spray and Pour Polyurea Membranes, Foams and Jointing Compounds

Polyguard specialises in the application and supply of polyurea membranes and foams that are ideal for:

  • Waterproof linings
  • Protective coatings
  • Joint fill and concrete slab repairs
  • Decorative finishes
  • Insulation

Our materials have been applied in the Automotive, Marine, Construction, Industrial Industries as well as Landscaping.

Spray on Waterproof and Protective Membranes

Our spray on polyurea membranes are perfect for:

  • Ute Trays & Panel Vans 
  • Trailers & Tilt Trays 
  • Under Car and Truck Bonnets 
  • Speaker Enclosures 
  • Vehicle Interiors 
  • Horse Floats 
  • Water tanks 
  • Marine & Fresh Water Aquariums 
  • Workshop Benches 
  • Ship Decks and Tinnies 
  • Sandblasting Containers 
  • Pumps and Pipes 
  • Water Features & Ponds 
  • the uses are endless... 

They cure within seconds of application and form a strong flexible lining that takes the shape of the surface to which it is applied.

The coating can be applied from just 1mm to 10mm thick during a single application process.

Joint Repair Compounds and Pour Polyureas

Cracks in concrete slabs or joints that are not sealed properly can be dangerous trip or work hazards.

Polyguard polyurea joint repair compounds and elastomeric joint fillers are an ideal solution for expansion and contraction joints as well as repairs to spalled and cracked concrete. Our jointing compounds are ideal for:

  • Fast Cure Joint Repair
  • Minimal downtown
  • Withstands heavy wear and tear
  • Rubber like - expands and contracts as slab moves
  • Withstands high exposure to UV

Polyguard Polyurea Joint Fill JF88 Membrane

Riverwalk at Southbank promenade Brisbane

Polyguard manufactures plural component equipment that is suitable for pour installation of the jointing membranes as well as membranes for various types of concrete joint repairs.

Spray and Pour Polyurea Foams

Using specialised plural component spray equipment we also have the ability to apply spray polyurea foams.

These foams rise and cure within seconds of application and provide a fast and efficient solution to insulation of wall cavities, ceilings and roofs.

Our spray on Polyurea Foams are ideal for providing a thermal barrier in: 

  • Pet Enclosures 
  • Residential Homes 
  • Commercial buildings 
  • Parking Lots 
  • Refrigerated Units 
  • Sheds & Outdoor rooms 
  • Boat and Ship Hull Insulation 
  • Workshop Benches 
  • Ceilings 
  • Cooler Boxes and Insulated Containers 
  • again the uses are endless ..... 

Plural component spray and pour polyurea equipment

We not only sell plural component application equipment but manufacture and service equipment suitable for high and low pressure applications for spraying polyurea membranes and foams.

Application Experience

Armed with a variety of application experiences, we are capable of developing solutions for complex protective coating and waterproofing requirements.

We have knowledge based on our experience as well as that of our application team. We are sure to find the perfect product solution for the simple to highly specialised application.

Australia Wide

We have a number of applicators Australia wide with the experience to assist you with your job requirements despite your location.

Well Established

Polyguard was established in July 2003.

Our Head Office is based in Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia.



We are suppliers of
WireTrim and WrapCut in Australia

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PolyGuard membranes can be applied to various surfaces, locking out atmospheric conditions between the Polyurethane Lining & the surface:-


 Wood  Fibreglass
 Steel Aluminium
 Concrete  Stainless Steel
 Foam  Checker Plate
 Fibreglass  Cardboard
Styrene  Gal Plate
Gyprock Glass
 Fabric Geofabric
The uses are endless...


Contact us

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Polyguard proudly Established in 2003

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